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The rumours are true, Online Quiz League are looking at setting up a league for North American players. Please head over to the OQL USA tab for more details!

Season 2

The deadline for new teams for Season 2 of OQL has now passed. We will have 54 teams across four division making the Online Quiz League the largest individual quiz league in the world! Congratulations of being part of something so special.

We are no longer accepting applications for new teams but individuals can register their interest and we will try and find  a team for you.

The season kicks off on August 26th with round 1 of league fixtures.

Season Two deadline

How exciting that our league commissioner, Jon, was able to give the Online Quiz League a little plug on Radio 4's Brain of Britain this afternoon.

If you have found this website following that broadcast then welcome, The Online Quiz League is the country's premier online quiz league but it's also a blossoming quiz community and we'd love for you to join us.

The deadline for Season Two registrations is on Friday 14th August so you'll need to act quickly to join us for then.

If you are individual looking to be placed on a team then go to the contact us page and send us your information and we'll fix you up with similar players to you to join a team for season two. Or drop us an email at

If you have a full team ready then click on Join Us and fill in the form with your details. Most teams have a squad of 5 or 6 players as you'll need four players per game.

All the details of how the league operates can be found in the How it works section.

We look forward to having you on board!