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To register you need to fill in the form with the name of your team and your squad. We recommend a squad of 5 or 6 players. Only four can play each game but when you're the nominate home team you will be required to provide a question person as well.

In registration we need to know the ability level of your team so that we can assign you the correct division. There are 4 levels, please indicate which level you're at and your relative strength within that field.

Quiz league level – Which league(s) and how strong are you?

Pub quiz level – How often do go to pub quizzes? How well do you do?

TV quiz show watchers – What kind of shows do you watch, do you beat the contestants?

Complete novice.

It is important to be honest here as we will attempt to place all teams in a division with teams of a similar level so if you tell us your team are incredible then you'll end up playing against the best teams in the country and that won't be fun for you if you lose every game.

The first season is coming to a close, season two will commence in August and will consist of multiple divisions of 12 teams playing each other once followed by a cup competition.

It'll be 4 points for a win, 2 points for a draw and 1 point for a loss of 4 or fewer points.

How do we play the quiz?

All the quizzes will be due to commence at 8pm on Wednesday evening. And will be completed over Zoom, Skype or Messenger. The home team have the choice of which platform to use however we do recommend that where possible a game should be played over Zoom. A group video chat consisting of the 8 players plus the Question Person should be set up and started at 8pm.

It is important that everyone is on video so that players can signal to their team mates.

The game must commence by 8:10pm at the latest, if a player has failed to turn up then that team will have to play with just 3 players which will leave you at a disadvantage.

The quiz will follow the standard quiz league rules initiated by the Merseyside Quiz league over 60 years ago. Each player is asked a question. They have 15 seconds to answer and if they are correct they score 2 points. If they are incorrect the question goes straight over to the opposition who can nominate one player to answer and if correct they will score one point. If a player doesn't know his own question he can defer to a team mate instead of answering and if the teammate is correct they will score 1 point. If the teammate is wrong the question passes to the opposition team, again for 1 point.

In the second division all players can have a 'free go' at their own question. If they answer correctly they get 2 points but if they are incorrect or don't answer then any member of their team may have a go for 1 point before the question then passes over to the opposition.

There are 8 rounds of this, score sheets will be provided and must be filled out correctly and returned to the league immediately following the end of the quiz.

The question person shall enforce the time limits strictly as this will make it impossible for any player to be cheating, if it appears a player is attempting to cheat they will immediately forfeit that match and that player will be expelled from the league.

The cost of the league will be £5 per team per match, this will be paid in advance of the season when the amount of teams are decided, teams will be playing their opponents once only so it will be £55 per team to join the league and that is all that is required for the entire season, between a squad of 6 of you that's less than a tenner each. This is to cover the costs of setting the quizzes, building and maintaining a website and all the time and effort that will be required to maintain this league for the players.

The question sets will be uploaded to the website on the day of the quiz, QPs will need to download the quiz. A password for each set will be created with half the password going to the home team and half going to the away team and the quiz will then be able to be accessed on any laptop, tablet or device by the QP