Online Quiz League

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What is the Online Quiz League?

It's a quiz, that's played online and is in a league.

How's it work?

All the games are played over video conference software, we recommend Zoom.

Do I need a team?

Well, yes. It's a team game. Every match is 4 v 4 with a question reader and a scorer.

I don't have any friends to start my own team, can I still get involved?

Of course. Go to the individual sign up tab and give us some information, we'll offer your services to some of the existing teams or look to put you with like minded individuals into a scratch team.

How good do I need to be to play?

There are some phenomenally good players in this quiz league including Jeopardy! Tournament of champions champions but there will multiple divisions and we cater for all abilities. Every quiz is designed so that every player will get some questions they should know the answer to. Whilst you can't know every question we hope you'll learn knew things and have fun.

I've got my team together, what do I do next?

Fantastic, fill out the form in the this section. We'll try to arrange a friendly match for you so you can get a feel for how the league works and then include you in the upcoming season.

When do I need to register by?

Registration closes at 23:59 EST on Sunday 20th September. There can be no late entries as the divisions and fixtures will be arranged on Monday 21st September. If you're late then I'm afraid you'll have to wait until season 2 to join in the fun.

When are matches played?

The teams will liaise with each other to pick a convenient time each week. Any day except Monday. You then submit the time and date of your game via the online form. This will ensure that your designated question reader is able to access the questions just before the start of the game.

I'm a busy woman, how long do matches last?

Most games should last between 45 minutes and an hour depending on how much chatting goes on and how long it takes you all to answer the questions. Sometimes games will go on a bit longer and if you wish to play friendly matches afterwards then that's up to the teams. Some UK teams have been known to still be quizzing at 3am!

What if we can't agree on a time?

If the teams cannot agree on a time then the game must be played at 4pm EST on the Sunday. This may not be suitable for everyone so we strongly recommend you work hard to ensure an agreeable time each week.

We only have a squad of 4 players, what do we do about a reader?

We will have an open forum available for teams to ask for readers or to volunteer to read, plus members of the OQL team will always help out when we can.

Can I add players to our squad after the season has started?

Yes, just let us know of your new addition. You can add any free agent to your squad at any point, the only rules are that each player can only play for one team per season and to be eligible to play in the cup competition you must have played 3 league matches (This is due to the levelling element of the cup competition).

Do I have to pay to play?

Yes, running this league requires a shiny website, some complicated spreadsheets, question sets every week plus hours of time organising everything so that the league can run. The current fees are $75 per team per season.

What do I get for my $75?

Your team will play a full league season of 11 matches plus entry into our handicap cup competition where you'll play at least 2 games. You'll get quality quiz questions every week plus updated tables and individual statistics for every player in the league.

How do I pay?

Payment is made via paypal to the email address

I see that Online Quiz League is a UK venture, will all the questions be about British tea and Doctor Who?

No, we have assembled a crack team of setters from the USA. Some of our UK team will be helping them to ensure the questions are balanced and factually correct.

What can I win?

Trophies of course. The top 2 teams in each division will win trophies and also the winners of our cup and plate competition will get prizes.

With it being played online, how do you know people aren't cheating?

Cheating is outlawed. All players must be visible on their webcam or phone throughout the quiz. All the matches can be videoed and if anyone is caught cheating (by any means) the team will forfeit the match and the player will be ejected from the league, permanently.

You are fully bonded and licenced by the city aren't you Online Quiz League?

Shut up boy! Only joking, of course. We are based in the UK and comply with all relevant laws and regulations.