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Jon Stitcher

Online Quiz League is the brain child of Jon Stitcher who set up the league to keep quizzers occupied during lockdown. The league was so successful that we have kept it running as lockdown eases and we hope that is now a permanent fixture of any quizzer. Jon dedicates over 20 hours a week to ensure the smooth running of the OQL and only took a short break to attend the birth of his daughter.

Assistant to the Commissioner

Aidan Linge

Aidan has been a huge help in the set up, logistics and question setting since the league was introduced. He fills in when Jon is unavailable and offers key advise on all league matters

Recruitment Secretary

Josh Pugh Ginn

If you're new to the league this season chances are you've interacted with Josh. He helps promote the league and he puts all our scratch teams together. If you're looking to join the league, drop him a message and he'll look after you.

Social Media Secretary

Duncan Ranton

Duncan is the guy who keeps our social media ticking over, he posts our daily question and he shares tales of the league all over social media.

Question Setters

The identities of our setters are a close kept secret, we have a team of 8 who write and vet the questions to ensure no mistakes crop up in the quizzes. These are all highly experienced setters who have written for numerous quiz leagues, national competitions and TV quiz shows. If you need any quizzes set then get in touch with your requests and our expert team will give you a quote.

Division One Secretary

Ronny Jackson

Ronny is a keen member of the Misfits team and a well known character at all major quiz events. He is responsible for maintaining the results and statistics of all our Division One players and teams

Division Two Secretary

Mike Devitt

Mike is the captain of Disparate Origins, one of our scratch teams who have now become a very close knit group. He has over 40 years experience of quiz leagues and is responsible for maintaining the results and statistics of all our Division Two Players and teams.

Division Three Secretary

Position vacant - please contact us at if you'd like to take this role on

Division Four Secretary

Dave Trent

Dave plays for Shipwrecked in division four, he also helped build the editable version of the Word score sheet. He is responsible for maintaining the results and statistics of all our Division Four Players and teams.


Martin Webb and Adrian Field

Martin and Adrian have the exciting job of checking that all the results and statistics match up. If you spot a mistake somewhere get in touch and they'll get it fixed!