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This is the page for the Brain of Online Quiz League, or BOOQL.

The competition will consist of a qualifier quiz on Sunday 24th May to separate the 128 entrants into four tiers.

The four tiers will then play a Mimir tournament with 32 players in each playing down to finals day on 28th June.

Below is the list of registered players. If you have registered and don't see your name below please contact the league.

1 Paul Nilen Airedale Terriers
2 Sarah Greenan Airedale Terriers
3 Tony Sissons Airedale Terriers
4 Laura Martin Airedale Terriers
5 Scott Dalglish Airedale Terriers
6 Dennis Dennis Amoebas
7 Tom Speller Amoebas
8 Edmund Dickinson Amoebas
9 Nina Grant Amoebas
10 Bill Earner Banana Split Exiles
11 Dean Wulf Banana Split Exiles
12 Gill Woon Banana Split Exiles
13 Vicky Sorsby Banana Split Exiles
14 Amit De Banana Split Exiles
15 Steve Childs Calderdale QL
16 Steve Rhodes Calderdale QL
17 Davey H yland Calderdale QL
18 Paul Thompson Calderdale QL
19 Tom Barnes Ceefax the Hoop
20 Nick Patterson Ceefax the Hoop
21 Ned Pendleton Ceefax the Hoop
22 Fraser Cameron Ceefax the Hoop
23 Sam Goodyear Ceefax the Hoop
24 Ailsa Watson Central Belters
25 Dave McBryan Central Belters
26 Ian Volante Central Belters
27 David Cruickshank Central Belters
28 David Harris Central Belters
29 James Haughton Compulsory Mantis Shrimp
30 Rachel Neiman-Wiseman Compulsory Mantis Shrimp
31 Joshua Pugh Ginn Coronoid Android
32 Afham Raoof Coronoid Android
33 Frank Paul Dartologists
34 Kirk Bevins Dartologists
35 Mike Devitt Disparate Origins
36 David Hogg Disparate Origins
37 Daniel Fullard Disparate Origins
38 Tom Mead Disparate Origins
39 Mat Williams Disparate Origins
40 Liam McCarthy Disparate Origins
41 Phillip Burroughs G&S Heroes
42 Nina Goodall G&S Heroes
43 Conor Watkin G&S Heroes
44 Simon Koppel Grinling Gibbons
45 Helen Lippell Grinling Gibbons
46 Mik Levin Grinling Gibbons
47 Amy Godel Grinling Gibbons
48 Paul Davis Grinling Gibbons
49 Paul Emerson Grinling Gibbons
50 Emily Cooper Grinling Gibbons
51 Will Howells Jan+
52 Nathan Hamer Jan+
53 Michael Reeve Jan+
54 Barry Humphrey Jan+
55 Ken Edmond Lockdown Latecomers
56 Gavin Tillman Lockdown Latecomers
57 Alan Morgan Lockdown Latecomers
58 Jack Lewis Lockdown Latecomers
59 Ian Grieve Macc Weavers
60 James MacGregor MacGregor's Marauders
61 Ashton Davies MacGregor's Marauders
62 Alan Gibbs MacGregor's Marauders
63 John Hall MacGregor's Marauders
64 Richard Aubrey Misfits
65 Marianne Fairthorne Misfits
66 Max Espensen Misfits
67 Ronny Jackson Misfits
68 Ben Holmes None
69 Pam Douglas None
70 Dave Tilley None
71 David Saunders Scratch 22
72 Mick Conroy Scratch 22
73 Abhinav Kishore Scratch 22
74 Steve Havard Scratch 22
75 Dave Trent Shipwrecked
76 Fiona McDougall Shipwrecked
77 Innis Carson Snrub
78 Brian Shaw Snrub
79 Max Fitz-James Snrub
80 Leo Howard Snrub
81 Brian Murphy Snrub
82 Neil MacAskill Splendid Isolation
83 Phil Small Splendid Isolation
84 David Hulley Splendid Isolation
85 Jamie McNeill Splendid Isolation
86 Mike McPartland Team North East
87 Clive Dunning Team North East
88 Tony Walmsley Team North East
89 Kevin Bearne Team North East
90 Mark Walton Team North East
91 John Cockerill Team North East
92 Colin Kidd Telstars Online
93 Martin Webb The Eggman
94 Joe Ashdown The Eggman
95 Charles Ross The Eggman
96 Geoff Palmer The Eggman
97 Patrick Carthy The Kew Tours
98 Dan O'Malley The Kew Tours
99 John Nolan The Kew Tours
100 Eleanor Ayres Tim Gyda I
101 Dave Cowan Tim Gyda I
102 Ant Fish Tim Gyda I
103 Gareth Kingston Victoria Phoenix
104 Stephen Curtis Wabs
105 Dave Edwards White Hart
106 Chris Grandison White Hart
107 John Robinson White Hart
108 Joe Hanson Winning from Home
109 James Ross Winning from Home
110 Alex Antao Winning from Home
111 Alex Spacey Winning from Home
112 Charlie Rowlands Winning from Home